Patriot A/T

Patriot AT Tires designed as all-terrain tire series that works are designed for convenient on and off-road drive. These tires maintain excellent on- and off-road performance and feature traction and steering stability in snow and mud. Patriot A/T Tires feature M+S marking, which shows, that they are designed to handle mud and snow.

Apart of excellent off-road capabilities, Patriot A/T tires are quiet when used on the regular roads. Besides, you can use these tires in winter when there’s some freezing or slight amount of snow on the roads. However, AT tires cannot fully replace winter tires, especially if you plan on using them when there’s a lot of snow.

Patriot AT Tire


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A/T Patriot Tires: Design & Features

A/T tires are designed as a reliable solution for those, who do not want their all-terrain tires for a light truck or SUV to break the bank. These tires are developed for reliable performance in all seasons. The A/T tires by Patriot feature M+S marking and perform both on wet and dry road.

Here are 5 good reasons to choose A/T tires:

  1. Good all-terrain performance;
  2. Good cornering grip;
  3. Traction & steering stability in snow and mud;
  4. Shoulder block design for enhanced performance;
  5. Wide groove design.

A/T Tires: Wheel Sizes & Specs

Ptriot Tires offer A/T tires to work with the following wheel sizes:

  • R15;
  • R16;
  • R17;
  • R18;
  • R20.

Other Specs of A/T Tires by Patriot

  • A/T tires are available in widths ranging between 215 – 285;
  • Patriot offers A/T tires to fit the following rim sizes: 15 – 20;
  • Aspect Ratio of A/T Tires: 60 – 85
  • A/T Tires are available with the following speed ratings: Q, R, S, T & H;
  • A/T Tires Construction available: SL & XL, C, D, E
  • A/T Patriot Tires UTQG: 600AA
  • RMA Marking: M+S

Patriot Tires: A/T Wheels Chart

RimSizeL.I./S.I. Load Index/Speed IndexConstructionSidewallStandard Rim (Approved Range, in).Tread Depth (1/32”)Overall Diameter (in)Section Width (in)
R15LT235/75R15*110/107SDBSW(6.5J) 6.0J-7.0JTBC28.99.3
255/70R15*108SBSW(7.5J) 7.0J-8.0JTBC29.110.2
265/70R15*112SBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC29.610.7
31X10.50R15LT109SCBSW(8.5J) 8.0J-9.0J16.130.510.6
R16LT215/85R16*115/112SEBSW(6.0J) 5.5J-6.5JTBC30.48.5
LT225/75R16*115/112SEBSW(6.0J) 5.5J-6.5JTBC29.38.8
LT235/70R16*104/101SCBSW(7.0J) 6.5J-7.5JTBC299.4
LT235/85R16120/116QEBSW(6.5J) 6.0J-7.0J14.131.79.3
245/70R16*107HBSW(7.0J) 6.5J-7.5JTBC29.59.8
LT245/75R16120/116SEBSW(7.0J) 6.5J-7.5J16.130.59.8
LT265/70R16*121/118SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC30.610.7
LT265/75R16123/120SEBSW(7.5J) 7.0J-8.0J16.131.710.5
LT285/75R16*126/123SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC33.411.3
R17LT235/80R17*120/117SEBSW(6.5J) 6.0J-7.0JTBC31.89.3
LT245/70R17*119/116SEBSW(7.0J) 6.5J-7.5JTBC30.69.8
LT245/75R17*121/118SEBSW(7.0J) 6.5J-7.5JTBC329.8
265/65R17*112TBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC30.610.7
LT265/70R17121/118SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5J16.131.710.7
LT285/70R17*121/118QEBSW(8.5J) 8.0J-9.0JTBC32.811.5
R18LT265/70R18*124/121SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC32.610.7
LT275/65R18123/120SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5J16.132.111
LT275/70R18125/122SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5J16.133.211
R20LT265/60R20*121/118SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC32.510.7
275/60R20119HXLBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5J13.13311
LT275/65R20*126/123SEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-8.5JTBC34.111
LT285/60R20*125/122SEBSW(8.5J) 8.0J-9.0JTBC33.511.5


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A/T Tires
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by David Liggins on A/T Tires

Good cheap tires. I didn't expect anything too fancy for the money, but like what I got.

by Jay Wells on A/T Tires

Got them as a set of inexpesive all-terrain tires for my JK, and like what I got for the money. They are not noisy, provide good grip and handling. 5 stars for fast shipping (bought on Amazon).

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