Patriot Latitude Tires

Jeep Patriot Latitude is one of the three popular trim levels this SUV was available in. It can be hardly called luxury version of the Patriot, yet it features everything needed for convenient daily drive and can even be modified for further off-road usage. Literary, the Latitude is in the middle in the Patriot scale, between the Sport and Limited Edition. Continue reading to find out specifications and features of the Jeep Patriot in Latitude trim level for different model years!

jeep patriot latitude

Technical Specs of the Jeep Patriot Latitude

As a rule, different model years of the same generation of the American-built car, truck or SUV do not differ a lot in such major things, as type of transmission, engine, platform, etc. Jeep Patriot is not an exception. Below is the chart that explains the main technical specs of this SUV.

Engine2.4 L World I4 (4x4)
2.0 L World I4 (4x2)
Type of fuelgasoline
TransmissionCVT JF011E automatic transmission
Body style4-door SUV
ClassSmall SUV
Drive4x2 or 4x4
AssemblyUSA, Belvidere, IL
PlatformChrysler PM/MK
Power output172 hp (128 kW)
Torque165 lb/ft (224 N/m)

Jeep Patriot Latitude Tires: Sizes & Specs

Even though the interior and exterior details slightly changed for the Jeep Patriot over time when it was in production, the tire size remained standard. The Patriot in this trim level came equipped with 215/60R17 or 15/65R17 wheels from the factory. Follow the link below to find the tires for your Jeep Patriot Latitude .


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Jeep Patriot Latitude: Features & Factory Equipment

This trim level of the Jeep Patriot came equipped with certain interior, exterior and security features from the factory. See the list below for detailed information.

Stereo & Electronics:

  • SIRIUS-XM satellite radio;
  • air conditioning with manual control;
  • CD/MP3 stereo.

Interior & Upholstery:

  • power windows;
  • one-touch driver’s auto down feature;
  • power door locks;
  • leather-wrapped steering wheel;
  • cloth seats.

Security & Options:

  • keyless entry;
  • panic feature and security system.

Jeep Patriot Tires

Whether you own Jeep Patriot Sport, Limited or Latitude, it's good to know, what wheel and tire sizes are recommended for your specific vehicle. We have selected all necessary information about these trim levels to let you know about the features, that came standard for these SUVs. Select the trim level you are interested in and find out technical details about Jeep Patriot tires that are guaranteed to work.