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The Patriot M/T is an affordable alternative to the popular yet costly mud tires by the most popular brands. Patriot MT tires were designed to perform in harsh off-road conditions regardless of the season. These tires are proven to provide good traction and handling even on extreme terrain, like snow, mud, gravel, etc.

These tires are primarily aimed at owners of SUVs and light trucks, who are into off-road drive or exciting outdoor activities that require going off-road. So people who are into hunting, fishing and camping are welcome to consider Patriot MT tires as a cost-effective solution for their vehicle.

Patriot MT Tire


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M/T Patriot Tires: Design & Features

M/T tires are designed as a reliable solution for those, who do not want their mud tires for a light truck or SUV to break the bank. These tires are developed for reliable performance in the most harsh road conditions. The M/T tires by Patriot feature M+S marking and perform both on wet and dry road.

Here are 5 good reasons to choose M/T tires:

  1. Good off-road performance;
  2. Good grip;
  3. Traction & steering stability in snow and mud;
  4. Good handling regardless of the terrain;
  5. Highly reinforced tread compound.

M/T Tires: Wheel Sizes & Specs

Patriot Tires offer M/T tires to work with the following wheel sizes:

  • R16;
  • R17;
  • R18;
  • R20;
  • R22;
  • R24.

Other Specs of M/T Tires by Patriot

  • M/T tires are available in widths ranging between 265 – 315;
  • Patriot offers M/T tires to fit the following rim sizes: 16 – 20;
  • Aspect Ratio of M/T Tires: 70 – 75
  • M/T Tires are available with the following speed rating: Q;
  • M/T Tires Construction available: E;
  • RMA Marking: M+S.

Patriot Tires: M/T Wheels Chart

RimSizeL.I./S.I. Load Index/Speed IndexConstructionSidewallStandard Rim (Approved Range, in).Tread Depth (1/32”)Overall Diameter (in)Section Width (in)
R16LT265/75R16123/120QEBSW(7.5J) 7.0J-8.0J1931.910.6
LT285/75R16126/123QEBSW(8.0J) 7.5J-9.0J193311.1
LT315/75R16127/124QEBSW(8.5J) 8.0J-9.0J2134.812.4
R17LT285/70R17121/118QEBSW(8.5J) 8.0J-9.0J1933.111.5
33x12.50R17LT120QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2032.812.5
35x12.50R17LT125QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2034.812.6
37×12.50R17LT131QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J1936.812.5
R1833x12.50R18LT118QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2032.812.5
35x12.50R18LT123QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2034.812.8
R2033x12.50R20LT114QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J 2032.812.1
35x12.50R20LT121QEBSW(10.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2134.812.5
37×13.50R20LT127QEBSW(11.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2036.813.5
38×15.50R20LT132QEBSW(12.0J) 11.0J-14.0J2137.815.4
40×15.50R20LT139QEBSW(12.0J) 11.0J-14.0J2139.815.4
R2235x13.50R22LT121QEBSW(11.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2034.813.6
37×13.50R22LT123QEBSW(11.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2036.813.5
38×15.50R22LT126QEBSW(12.0J) 11.0J-14.0J2137.815.4
40×15.50R22LT132QEBSW(12.0J) 11.0J-14.0J2139.815.4
R2437×13.50R24LT120Q EBSW(11.0J) 8.5J-11.0J2036.813.5
40×15.50R24LT128Q EBSW(12.0J) 11.0J-14.0J2139.815.4


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Mud Tires
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Shawn Harris on Mud Tires
Location (Sity, State): FL
Vehicle: Ford F-250

I got a set of these mud tires for my F-250 this sprin, and I must say they are not worse than the Bridgestones I had. And the price is twice as less.... Recommend to those, who don't wish to overpay... 5 stars for good value for the money.

by Ken Rollins on Mud Tires

Quick shipping, good packaging. Love the price.

by Austin S. Jones on Mud Tires

Off-road is new to me, so I tried myself and my Sequoia in it. I couldn't invest too much, so ordered an inexpensive set of tires (well, compared to Michelines, Bridgestones, etc). As a newbie, I can recommend what I got.

Jeep Patriot Tires

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